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The All In One Platform Powering Businesses.

Automated tracking system for supply chain, processes, and activity, with RFID, Barcode, and IoT integrations available out of the box, that works as you in parallel with your ERP. 

25+ modules
automating everything about your business

Container Depot

Letting you do more by doing less.

No more manual data entering at each stage like you used to do with your old ERP. We capture and flow data automatically through your processes. You will never enter the same data twice.

Built-in RFID, Barcode, and IoT integration capabilities allows you to capture data automatically eliminating time consuming data entry.

How it will work for you?

Select the modules you need from a list. They work seamlessly. Your price includes access to them all.

Follow the guided process to setup your business workflows. It takes less than 30 mins for most businesses.

Import your existing data and get rolling. Click on the help icon on any page to learn how that screen and module work.

At your finger tips from anywhere.

OCTO is an online platform and allows you to access your business from anywhere using any device. Just open up a web browser and start using, whether it’s on your laptop, tab, or mobile phone; it works everywhere.

We also offer a range of specialized mobile apps optimized for various business activities. Check them out.